Plans & Pricing

Basic Pro Business
Price per month
excl. taxes
or per year
excl. taxes
Free from
Number of active Reports
Number of reports you can create, edit and publish at the same time
3 100 1000+
Content blocks to add to your report
15 standard blocks
Everything you need to create a impactful report and encourange your knowledge transfer: Agenda, Profile, Key Learnings, Presentation, Flipcharts, Pictures, Title, Text, List, Audio, Video, Links, Literature, Downloads, Quotes
Collect information from your participants, e.g. newsletter subscribtions, feedback, quotes, registrations
Let your participants test their gained knowledge themselves and create multiple-choice tests
Give participants to possibility to leave a comment and reply to other comments
Workshop listings
Create a website dedicated to all your workshop reports
Logo and Color
Add your own or your client's logo and a highlight color to your workshop reports
Embed on your website
Include your work reports on your own homepage
Visitor Statistics
See how many people opened and read your report and which blocks got the most interest
recapsy Branding
Remove the recapsy logo from your workshop reports
Password protected reports
Require that readers enter a password before viewing your workshop reports
Customize fonts
Choose from a number of fonts to customize the style of your workshop reports
Teams and Collaboration
Work together on reports and group accounts into teams
Central billing & user management
Payment for all licenses in a single invoice to your company and central management of accounts
Custom domain
Use you own domain instead of for your workshop reports

Frequently asked questions

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes! Just visit your account page and cancel the subscription online with one click.

Is my data secure with you?

Absolutely! As a European company, we pride ourself in having the highest level of data protection, both in in terms of data collection and usage, but also storage. Your data is securely stored in world class data centers in Europe and belongs 100% to you. We don't use it for anything else but to provide our service to you. Even when using our free plan. You can find more information in our privacy policy.