What does recapsy do with your data?

Below you will find our legal privacy policy, but we also want to give you a short and simple overview of what happens to your data.


  • We need your email and password to create and manager your user account. Additional information you privde is useful but optional. All your account data is stored until you delete your account, which you can either do directly in the application or via our support.
  • Any data you upload is yours alone. You decide what happens to it. We only share it on your behalf (e.g. when you publish and share a report).
  • You can download your data at any time. Depending on the data volume, we can deliver the result within one day.
  • We delete data that we no longer need as soon as possible. If you delete something, we delete the data no later than 30 days afterwards (the delay is so that we can can react in case of an error, as a kind of backup).
  • If you subscribe to our newsletter we save your email (regardless of whether you have an account) and we send an e-mail with news and useful information about once a month on average. Otherwise you will only receive transactional emails from us (i.e. triggered by you performing an action in the application).


  • We use Fathom for website and usage statistics, with maximum privacy protection (no cookies) and exclusive processing of your data in the EU (EU Isolation).
  • We have no cookie message because we only use technically necessary cookies. That means to save your user session and language setting. That's all we need.

Third-Party Data Processors

  • Our servers and databases are housed in European data centers owned and operated by Microsoft. Only we have access to the databases via a firewall and strong security protection, and they are secured using the latest technology.
  • We send emails through Postmark (owned by ActiveCampaign LLC) whose privacy document you can find here. This is the only service where data is processed outside of Europe (specifically your email and the email content). We are working to find a similarly reliable service in Europe that we can use in the future.
  • If you embed videos from external providers in your report, we try our best to transfer as little data as technically possible ("Privacy enhanced" where possible), but it is up to the provider what data is collected and how long it is stored. (This can be avoided by uploading videos directly to recapsy. We only collect the data described above.)
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